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Electric Flange Ball Valve

9 Jul 2018 11:38:00 browse:3518
  • Introduction
  • Technical Parameters

Electric flange ball valve Product overview

Q941F/PPL/H Electric Flange Ball Valve can be completely closed and opened only by rotating 90℃。The body valve passage and the link diameter are equal and one diameter,the medium can flow almost without loss. Electric Flange Ball Valve is suitable for two position cutting、regulating occasion. Mainly divided into two categories: Electric soft sealing ball valves and electric hard sealing ball valves , Q941F/PPL/H Electric soft sealing ball valve is mainly suitable for medium with temperature below 250 ℃.The valve has excellent sealing performance, large circulation capacity, convenient handling and maintenance, low flow resistance, reliable sealing and even cut off. Electric flange ball valve is small in volume, light in weight, large in thrust, strong in function, installed in servo amplifier, convenient in operation and high in reliability. Ball valve and actuator adopt direct connection mode, built-in servo system, no need for additional servo amplifier, Input and output signal 4-20mA and 220 VAC power supply can control the operation. Electric flange ball valve has the advantages of simple connection, compact structure, stable and reliable operation and so on. Electric flange ball valve is an important kind of electric valve, which is widely used in petrochemical industry and long distance pipeline. The closing piece is a partial sphere with holes, which rotates with the stem to open or close the valve. Electric flange ball valve can cut off and circulate the medium in transportation pipeline such as petroleum, chemical industry, papermaking, metallurgy, sewage treatment, oil tank truck, etc.

Main technical parameters of electric flange ball valve
Nominal Tongjing(mm) 15 20 25 32 40 50 65 80 100 125 150 200 250 300
discharge coefficient Kv 21 38 72 112 170 273 384 512 940 1452 2222 3589 5128 7359
pressure(MPa) PN1.6、2.5、4.0、6.4MPa
Discharge flow Soft seal:no leakage
Body form Two-stage valve body(floating sphere) Two-stage valve body(fixed sphere)
Spool form “O”type ball type spool
Seal packing (PTFE)、metal graphite winding gasket
Attended mode flange、weld、screw thread
Discharge characteristic approximate fast - drying characteristic
Adjustable extent DN15-65 DN80-300
250:1 350:1
Basic error ±1%
Dead zone ≤1%
Return error ≤1%
Applicable temperature Sealing face
(Tetrafluorine Seals) PTFE ≤ 180 ℃, (Para-position Polyphenyl) PPL ≤ 280
℃, (Metal Seals) H ≤ 650 degrees, etc
Configuration actuator Series of angle stroke actuators such as YHHX YHQQQ3410 and so on.
Control mode Switch in position lamp (switch two bit control), intelligent regulation (4~20mA analog signal control)
Technical parameters for actuators of electric flange ball valves
Actuator type Imported YH series
actuator parameter
Imported 3410R series
actuator parameter
Imported YHQ series
actuator paramete
Power supply voltage Standard: 220V AC single phase optional: 110V AC single,phase 380 / 440V AC three-phase AC 24V / 110V / 220V AC
Output torque 50N·M~2000N·M 50N·M~1500N·M 50N·M~3000N·M
Range of action 0~90° 0~360° 0~90° 0~90°、0°~270° Optional
Control mode Switch in position lamp (switch two position control), passive contact signal 1 / 5 K
potentiometer, intelligent regulation (4~20mA analog signal control)
Action time 15second/30second/60second 10second/15second/30second 18S~112S
Protective device Overheating protection overload protection built-in overheating protection,
overload protection
Ambient temperature -30°~60° -30°~60° -20℃~+70℃
Manual operation With handle operation With handle operation Mechanical clutch mechanism
with handwheel operation
Mechanical limit Electrical,
mechanical double limit
mechanical double limit
2 external adjusting bolts
Protection class IP65 IP55 IP65、IP67、customizable IP68
Explosion proof
No explosion proof ExdⅡ BT4 ExdⅡ BT4,ExdⅡ CT6
optional switch
or potentiomete
Proportional control unit Proportional control unit
Drive motor 8W/E Ac reversible moto Squirrel cage
asynchronous moto
Feed line interface PE1/2〞Incoming line lock 2-PF 1/2〞Incoming line lock 2-PF 3/4”
Shell material aluminum alloy Steel , aluminum alloy Steel , aluminum alloy ,aluminum bronze ,
Outer coating Dry powder, epoxy polyester, with super anticorrosive function
With unique electric braking line, the positioning accuracy is high, the actuator is sensitive,the starting stop is quick and the operation is stable.
At the same time, it has the characteristics of anti-interference, anti-surge voltage and strong ability of preventing breakdown.
It is suitable for the control loop with frequent movements. When the continuity rate is 25,
the number of movements per hour can reach 630-1200 times.
electric flange ball valve Main parts material
Name material
body WCB 304(CF8) 316(CF8M) 316L(CF3M)
ball 2Cr13+nitrogen treatment 304 316 316L
stem 2Cr13 304 316 316L
seat insert PTFE、PPL
packing V type PTFE graphite
Specification for main performance of electric flange ball valves
Nominal size DN(mm) DN15-300
Nominal pressure PN(MPa) 1.6 2.5 4.0 6.4
Test pressure Strenght test 15.0 24.0 37.5 48.0
Seal test 11.0 17.6 27.5 35.2
Low pressure
airtight test
Suitable medium water、oil、Vapour, nitric acid (temperature ≤ 200 ℃), acetic acid (temperature ≤ 200 ℃)

Electric flange ball valve product selection

(1) valve body parameters: nominal diameter, working pressure, process medium, use occasions, valve body materials and other series of parameters.

(2) actuator parameters: power supply voltage, control mode, Control signal (4-20mAX 1-5V), the mode of action (electric-open, electric-switch) to provide the above technical parameters as detailed as possible to facilitate our company sales and technical personnel for your accurate selection. If there is any doubt. You can call us, and we will do our best to provide you with excellent service

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