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Electric ITALYBall Valves

9 Jul 2018 12:07:00 browse:3702
  • Introduction
  • Technical Parameters

Electric ITALY Ball Valves

Q971F / PPL electric clamping valve consists of angular stroke actuators and ultra-thin ball valve bodies, also known as electric ultra-thin ball valves. Mainly suitable for two-position cut, adjust the situation. The connection between the ball valve and the actuator adopts the direct connection mode. The electric actuator has built-in servo system. It can control the operation without additional servo amplifier and input 4-20mA signal and 220 VAC power supply. Electric pinch ball valve has the advantages of simple connection, compact structure, small size, light weight, low resistance, stable and reliable operation. Compared with ordinary ball valves, electric ultra-thin ball valves have the advantages of short structure length, light weight, convenient installation and material saving. In addition, the valve seat adopts the elastic seal structure, the seal is reliable, the opening and closing is easy. Fireproof structure which can be operated reliably and has good sealing ability in case of fire

Main technical parameters of electric ball valve
Technical parameters of actuator Valve body parameter
Power supply AC200 / 380V Nominal diameter DN10~150mm
Output torque 50N·M~2000N·M Nominal pressure PN1.6 2.5 4.0 6.4 31.5MPa (custom made)
Range of motion 0~90° 0~360° Leakage Soft seal:no leakage Hard seal:≤rated flow10-5
actuation time 15second/30second/60second actuator It can also be equipped with psq, HQ, unico, 361
RS and other series of electronic electric actuators
protector Overheating protection discharge characteristic Quick opening characteristic
Ambient temperature -30°~60° adjustable extent DN10-80 DN100-150
250:1 350:1
hand operation Double limit with handle operation Valve body form Monolithic forging, monolithic casting
Limit electrical and mechanical Connection form Ultra-thin flange type, opposite clip type
the protection grades Equivalent to IP-65 Valve core form "O"type spherical valve core
Position measurement optional switches or potentiometers Seal packing V shaped polytetrafluoroethylene filler, flexible graphite filler, etc
Drive motor 8W/E intrinsic error ±1%
Explosion-proof grade ExdII BT4
dead zone ≤1%
return difference ≤1%
Control mode Switching value control
Analog control
Applicable temperature Seal face
PTFE≤180℃、PPL≤300℃、hard seal≤450℃
Main parts and materials of electric ball valve
Name Materials
body WCB 304(CF8) 316(CF8M) 316L(CF3M)
ball 2Cr13+nitrogen treatment 304 316 316L
stem 2Cr13 304 316 316L
Seat insert PTFE、carbon fiber + PTFE, para-polystyrene
packing V type PTFE, flexible graphite
Main design standards for electric ball valve
Design and manufacture GB12237-89、API608、API 6D、JPI 7S-48、BS5351、DIN3357
Flange inch JB/T74~90、GB9112~9131、HGJ44~76、SH3406、ANSI B16.5、JIS B2212~2214、DIN2543
structure length GB12221-89、ANSI B16.10、JIS B2002、NF E29-305、DIN3202
Inspection and test JB/T 9092、API 598、GB/T13927
Main performance specifications of electric ball valve
Nominal sizeDN(mm) DN15-150
Nominal pressure PN(MPa) 1.6 2.5 4.0 6.4
Test pressure strength test 15.0 24.0 37.5 48.0
Seal test 11.0 17.6 27.5 35.2
Low pressure
airtight test
Applicable medium water、oil、the steam、niter acids(Temperature≤200℃)、vinegar acids(Temperature≤200℃)

Type selection of electric clamping ball valve products

(1)body parameters: nominal diameter, working pressure, process medium, application situation, valve body material and other series parameters.

(2)Actuator parameters: power supply voltage, control mode, etc. Control signal (4-20mAX 1-5V), the mode of action (electric-open, electric-switch) to provide the above technical parameters as detailed as possible to facilitate our company sales and technical personnel for your accurate selection. If there is any doubt. You can call us, and we will do our best to provide you with excellent service

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