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Electric three-way ball valve

6 Jul 2018 14:32:00 browse:8265
  • Introduction
  • Technical Parameters

Electric three-way ball valve products

Anshan AEN.TECH Q944F / PPL-H electric three-way ball valve is made up of a series of intelligent actuators and three way ball valves. It is a kind of rotary cutting and regulating valve. The electric three-way ball valve has the advantages of close closure, compact structure, light weight, convenient maintenance and so on. Electric three-way regulating ball valve is widely used in pipeline automation control of corrosive medium such as gas, liquid, steam and oil. Two-seat sealed electric three-way ball valve with compact structure, beautiful appearance, good sealing performance. The electric three-way ball valve can realize the switch of the medium flow direction in the pipeline. Two channels that are perpendicular to each other can also be connected or closed. Four-seat sealed three-way ball valve with beautiful shape, compact and reasonable structure. The electric three-way ball valve can not only realize the medium flow direction switching, but also make the three channels connected to each other. At present, the electric three-way ball valve can also close any channel, so that the other two channels can be connected, and flexible control of the combination or shunt of the medium in the pipeline can be achieved

Main technical parameters and performance of electric three - way ball valve
Nominal Tongjing DN(mm) 15 20 25 32 40 50 65 80 100 125 150 200 300
Allowable pressure difference
≤Nominal Pressure
Action range 0~90°
Valve body form Two-stage split casting valve body
Valve cover form Unitary
Gland form Bolted compact type
Seal packing Type V polytetrafluoroethylene packing containing impregnated polytetrafluoroethylene
asbestos filler, stone cotton textile filler, graphite fille
Attended mode Flange type、Threaded type (for 1 / 2 "2")
Spool form Three-way ball valve core
Discharge characteristic Approximate fast opening characteristic
Leakage amount Q Soft seal: zero leakage; Metal seal: GB / T4213-92, less than rated KV 0.01%
Intrinsic error ±1%
Return difference ±1%
Blind spot ≤1%
Configuration actuator type YH、YHQ、PSQ、3410R electric operator
control method Switch in position lamp (switch two position control), passive contact signal 1 / 5 K potentiometer, intelligent regulation (4~20mA analog signal control)
Technical parameters of electric three-way ball valve actuator
Power supply voltage AC220/380V,50/60Hz
output torque 50N·M~2000N·M
action range 0~90° 0~360°
action time 15second/30second/60second
protective device Overheating protection
ambient temperature -30°~60°
manual operation Double limit with handle operation
limit electrical and mechanical
protection class Equivalent to IP-65
explosion-proof grade ExdII BT4; customized ExdII BT6 for special requirements
position measurement optional switches or potentiometers
drive motor 8W/E
incoming line interface PE1/2〞Incoming line lock
Material of main parts of electric three-way ball valve
Name Material name
Valve body WCB 304(CF8) 316(CF8M) 316L(CF3M)
Ball body 2Cr13+nitrogen treatment 304 316 316L
Valve stem 2Cr13 304 316 316L
Gasket ring PTFE、PPL、Para-polybenzene、flexible gaphite
Applicable medium Water, gas,
steam, oil, etc.
Nitric acid and
other corrosive media
Acetic acid
isocorrosive medium
Urea and other
corrosive medium

Control mode of electric three-way ball valve

The electric three-way ball valve is divided into L type and T type, and the medium flow direction is shown in the following figure. The L electric three-way ball valve is suitable for the medium flow direction switch, and can make two vertical channels connected to each other. The electric three-way valve is suitable for the distribution of the medium. The confluence or flow direction switch T-hole can make the three channels connected to each other or two of them. The electric three-way ball valve generally adopts the three-seat structure, or it can adopt the four-seat structure according to the user's request.

Electric three-way ball valve product selection

(1) valve body parameters: nominal diameter, working pressure, process media, use occasions, valve body materials and other series of parameters.

(2) actuator parameters: power supply voltage, control mode, Control signal (4-20mAX 1-5V), the mode of action (electric-open, electric-switch) to provide the above technical parameters as detailed as possible to facilitate our company sales and technical personnel for your accurate selection. If there is any doubt. You can call us, and we will do our best to provide you with excellent service

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