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Hygienic pneumatic control valve

6 Jul 2018 12:56:00 browse:3910
  • Introduction
  • Technical Parameters

ZJHW Sanitary Pneumatic Control Valves

Suitable for a variety of pressure, temperature, flow and other physical quantity adjustments, such as food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, clean steam, alcohol, beverages, and biochemical industrial process control applications. ZJHW sanitary pneumatic control valve has the advantages of compact structure, convenient assembly and disassembly, high adjustment accuracy, especially low pressure loss, large flow, wide adjustable range, high flow accuracy, and fully conforms to IEC534-1-1978 standard. Pneumatic health control valve leakage in accordance with ANSIB16.104 standards, ZJHW sanitary pneumatic control valve equipped with different multi-spring actuators, output power. ZJHW sanitary pneumatic valve angle design ensures that the valve self-discharge, standard electronic polishing, smooth surface to ensure clean, no media storage area, will not produce potential pollution. Quickly disassemble the valve body and bonnet to make the valve open and repair quickly and easily, and shorten the process downtime.

  • valve body Parameters
  • Valve trim parameters
  • Actuator parameters
  • control valve Performance
Nominal diameter DN(mm) 15 20 25 32 40 50 65 80 100
Valve seat diameter dN(mm) 15 20 25 32 40 50 65 80 100
Rated flow
Linear 5.2 6.3 6.9 11.2 17.6 27.5 44.7 69.3 110
Equal percentage 4.8 5.6 6.3 10.5 16 25 40.5 63.6 100
Rated route(mm) 10 16 25 40
Actuator model ZHA/B-22 ZHA/B-23 ZHA/B-34
Nominal pressure Clamp type, thread type (no special requirements are subject to the clamp type connection)
Valve cover form standard type-17~+230℃、High temperature type+230~+450℃
Capping type Bolt compression type
Seal packing EPDM rubber、Polytetrafluoroethylene
Valve body material 304、316、316L
Valve core form single seatPlunger type valve core
Flow characteristics Linear, equal percentage
valve core material 304、316、316L
Actuator category ZHA/B Multi-spring film actuator
Actuator model ZHA/B-22 ZHA/B-23 ZHA/B-34 ZHA/B-45 ZHA/B-56
Effective area(cm2) 350 350 560 900 1400
route (mm) 10、16 24 40 40、60 100
Spring range(KPa) 20~100(standard)、20-60、60-100、40-200、80-240
Diaphragm material Nitrile rubber clip nylon cloth, ethylene propylene rubber clip nylon cloth
Air supply pressure 140~400KPa
Air interface RC1/4"
Ambient temperature -30~+70℃
equipped with accessories Locator, air filter pressure reducer, position valve, route switch, valve positioner, handwheel mechanism, etc.
Form of action Air-to-close (B)—Valve open (FO) when deaeration; Air-opening (K)—Valve off (FC) when deaeration
Item Without positioner With positioner
Basic error % ±5.0 ±1.0
Backlash % 3.0 1.0
dead zone % 3.0 0.4
Starting to
end point
deviation %
Air open Starting point ±2.5 ±1.0
Starting point ±5.0 ±1.0
Air shut Starting point ±5.0 ±1.0
end point ±2.5 ±1.0
Rated route deviation % ≤2.5
Leakage L/h 0.01%× Valve rated capacity
Adjustable range R 30:1
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